Links to share

Moar photos:

I have thoughts on this but shouldn’t share them haha (disclaimer: I’m a cyclist):

I should do a post on Wolbachia:

OMG, I just found out about this pitcher plant that thrives on tree shrew poo…did you know about this and not tell me?!  Amazing…article and paper

Speaking of pitcher plants….bats live in carnivorous plants??

A review article on invasive bees around the world (open access)…(un)surprisingly, we know little to nothing about most of them!

I’m afraid I never learned to love the Australian white ibis…but here’s an interesting article on the urbanization of the ibis!

A friend sent me a link to a project working on a documentary about migraines…you can read more about it or donate to the cause here:

I love blown glass!

Baby woolly rhino!

Hippos were among the first large mammals to colonize the African continent:

Just good advice: never touch anything that looks like Donald Trump’s hair:


In a subcategory of new species found and species we thought we lost that we refound:

This is adorable good news (from last year):

Some beautiful new animals discovered in New Guinea between 1998-2008:

Another “extinct” animal that we recently refound (that’s totally a word, I don’t care):



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