Links to share

Slime molds can share learned knowledge:

Are Santas elves derived from dwarves? This post investigates:

It snowed in the Sahara (NB: I made the mistake of reading the comments and no, this does not in any way disprove climate change, see earlier posts with convincing evidence of climate warming globally)!

Migrating insects in the skies:

Wombats poop cubes!

Another cool election map:

If you have facebook this is adorable:

Cute little ant-like bees with pollen baskets under their chin!

The origins of insect mimicry?

A great story on Robbin Thorp’s hunt for the Franklin’s Bumblebee (I worked with him a little bit last year in Arizona!):

An incredibly interesting set of maps of how divided America is based on the television shows people watch (you know I love maps, even though I haven’t owned a TV in a decade and don’t watch shows):

A gorgeous little leucistic hummingbird:



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