A prospective retrospective

(aka playing with prefixes)

Dear reader(s), I won’t lie…2016 was a rough year for me (and many others). It was a year of lost friends and lost hopes, of rejection and disillusionment. It was a year of drought and 14 hour field days and many, many 70 hour work weeks.  I know I didn’t post as much as I have in the past, or as thoughtfully, and I won’t apologize for that (because blogs just need to be free to change, man!), but I do appreciate you sticking around and reading and commenting.

I feel like I’ve developed a few good friends on this blog, and I feel safer sharing thoughts and photos here than anywhere else.  I’m grateful to the thoughtful and kind words of my commenters, who seem to be just generally positive people!  I need some of that in my life.

Here’s what I will promise you…2017 won’t necessarily be better, but it Will. Be. Different.  I’ve got downsizing to do and a big move in the near future, plus a lot of traveling. A new job, and rebuilding my life from the ground up.  I’ll be venturing out into the world with nothing more than a suitcase and an external hard drive with 10 years of hard-earned data.

So stick around and I promise to show you things I’ve never seen before and take you on some great adventures!

Here’s to new and different…

Lots of love,

SOIMF (Standing Out In My Field)


9 thoughts on “A prospective retrospective

  1. 2016 just seems one of those years that has thrown more than it’s fair share at us. It has not been a great year for me either. But I love your philosophical look forward to 2017. You are right, things will be different and we will face new challenges. Here’s wishing you new adventures for 2017, and all things good!

  2. I’m sorry this year has been rough – good thing it’s about over. Congratulations on the new job! And, well, blogging should always add creativity to our lives rather than be a grind. If posting less means posting only when you want to, then bring it on! Lots of travel in your future? Then it’s a good thing you like to travel! We want to hear all about it (whenever you’re ready). We’ll be right here waiting for you.

  3. There is nothing so certain as . . . .change! Thanks for adding so much to my life, things I never imagined, and things I have to reimagine because of what you have shown and said! I love it! It seems to have been a hard year all around, and things like your writing and your lovely photos have kept me informed and looking forward to your interesting work. I hope you have a good year to come and that you will continue your generous sharing whenever you have time! Here’s to a new year still full of wonderful possibilities!

  4. From my point of view your blogs have continued to be thoughtful, fascinating and frequent! Here’s to a different 2017 though – good luck in your new job and enjoy your travels. Sounds like exciting times ahead.

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