2016 stats – 4,540 miles

2016 was not a great year for fitness for me, because I seriously hurt my knee and have been having trouble running. I saw two physical therapists and three separate doctors, but no one could fix my knee, so my running totals were depressingly low.

On the other hand, due to my long bike ride from central PA to central NY (and the training therefore), I collected a lot of bike miles this year! In the nice long summer days, I also developed a habit of riding twenty miles to and from work each day, which definitely helped me accumulate miles.

My swimming miles were pretty stable, albeit slightly more than last year, and came in at around 209 for the year.

But overall, trading running time for biking time resulted in an personal best record for yearly body distance at 4,540 miles! 3,709 of that was on the bike.

Hopefully, 2017 will involve more running miles, which will mean a trade-off in total body miles, but I’m eager to get back to pounding the pavement like I used to.

I didn’t get an end of year stats overview from WordPress…did anyone else?


8 thoughts on “2016 stats – 4,540 miles

  1. Holy Toledo! That’s more than the direct return migration flown by a tiny piping plover from Barachois Newfoundland to Abaco Bahamas in the Fall & back again in the Spring (approx 2100 miles). That’s the farthest we recorded this season.
    I seem to have walked all of 350 miles in the entire year, so says my IPhone. A post-truth reading I reckon.

    • Really! I never thought I could compete with a piping plover! Well, walking is more time invested for fewer miles, so you have to take that into account. If you had invested the same time cycling, you would have a lot more miles! Or for example if I had invested my swimming time into walking time, I would have more miles. It’s all about which one pleases you most.

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