Holidays through a child’s eyes

I shared (nervously) my camera with my seven year old cousin and my ten year old niece this holiday and it was actually a great opportunity to spend time with them and also to see my family through their eyes.  I wanted to share some of these photos with you (even though they are technically not mine? ownership is confusing in this) and then I just happened to come across this article in NPR where they allowed child brides to take photos of each other and share their stories.  Obviously, my niece and cousin have not had the traumatic lives these child brides have had, but I was amazed at how similar the concept of sharing a camera was.

Even though it can be a little nerve-wracking to share something like a camera with someone else, it is really a great way to see the world through their eyes…give it a try some time!

This is my niece! We had a great time doing a photoshoot. I’ll share some of her photos first
She liked taking photos of the tree markers.
Great story about this one…she was taking photos of the sign, but I thought she was taking photos of the deer right behind it! I said, “Wow! That’s a great shot of the deer!” and she said, “What deer?” Haha, we all see different things.
She found a sharp-shinned hawk
This is my cousin!
He took a great photo of his mom
And I love this photo he took of everyone sitting around the dinner table
Ceiling fan
See, I would never think to photograph the dish sponges!
My sister is much more likely to smile at him than me haha


4 thoughts on “Holidays through a child’s eyes

  1. I love that she took the photo of the deer almost by accident . . and that sign was so worth photographing. Your cousin looks at the world like an artist, nothing is too ordinary to escape his notice! I love the sponges, though mine look a lot rattier, those made a great picture! There is something to be said about pointing out in photos the ordinary beauties of the real world! Glad you liked how your experiment turned out!

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