The lovely Carmine Bee-eater

I’ve loved bee-eaters since I saw my first Australian Rainbow Bee-eater (gorgeous, also beautiful). I love them in spite of the name that implies that they eat a lot of bees (which I also love), because this is nature and bees are eaten by lots of different types of attractive birds.

There are a lot of gorgeous bee-eaters in Africa, but there was one that particularly caught my fancy: the Carmine Bee-eater.

The first time I saw one, I spent almost an hour trying to get a good photo, cautiously tracking it through the bush until it landed on a powerline, then sneaking up through the brambles below it to secure this mediocre photo (which at the time I was delighted by):

Carmine Bee Eater

The next day, I went into Tsavo National Park and discovered…
Carmine Bee-eaters
Thousands of Carmine Bee-eaters! (Not that I’m complaining)
Carmine Bee-eaters
And they’re not shy!
Carmine Bee-eaters
Carmine Bee-eaters
Carmine Bee-eaters
Carmine Bee-eaters
Carmine Bee-eaters

They were so common that you could find them riding zebras…
Carmine Bee-eaters
and flocking around elephants

(I even saw them riding around on other, larger birds)


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