Ruddy Duck, by Jack Collom

Yer a ruddy duck! (You know who you are, ya ruddy duck)



or dumpling duck, daub duck, deaf duck,

fool duck, sleepy duck,

butter duck, brown diving teal, widgeon coot,

creek coot, sleepy coot, sleepy brother,

butter-ball, batter-scoot, blatherskite, bumble coot,

quill-tailed coot, heavy-tailed coot, stiff-tail,

pin-tail, bristle-tail, sprig-tail, stick-tail, spine-tail, dip-tail,

diver, dun-bird, dumb-gird, mud-dipper,

spoon-billed butter-ball, spoonbill, broad-billed dipper,

dipper, dapper, dopper, broad-bill, blue-bill,

sleepy-head, tough-head, hickory-head,

steel-head, hard-headed broad-bill, bull-neck,

leather-back, paddy-whack, stub-and-twist,

lightwood-knot, shot-pouch, water-partridge,

dinky, dickey, paddy, noddy, booby, rook, roody,

stiff-tailed widgeon, gray teal, salt-water teal

– Jack Collom


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