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My university made me take the Oxford comma out of the title of my PhD thesis!  I was so furious…but I wanted my degree, so I complied.  Now I’m finally vindicated!

“Four leaf clovers” are just Wood Sorrel (Oxalis), guys. Sorry to burst your bubble 😛

Fascinating article on insect migrations:

I feel like we knew this, but now we have evidence that a diverse diet is good for (bumble)bee health:

Have you ever seen a ringtail in the wild??

Doesn’t seem like there’s any science behind this (at least not in the article), but certain plants might not living next to each other due to allelopathy.  Let me know if you have a more sciencey article with these ideas:

Pollinator visitation changes the way that plants evolve on short time scales:

Eating green for St. Paddy’s Day? Eat seaweed!

Pay farmers to do the thing that makes sense? Maybe that makes sense too, but given proposed budget cuts will not happen:

Tips for photographing raptors (or really any bird) in flight:

Some beautiful high altitude birds (oh, also, why do they survive up there? but mostly pretty bird pictures)…as a sufferer of beta thalassemia, I know what it’s like to have chronically low hemoglobin haha:

Did I share this article about how much spiders eat?  Someone tried to estimate, at a global scale, the mass of food eaten by spiders each year. The comparisons are a little disingenuous as they are comparing an entire order to species (e.g. humans), but taxonomy is vertebrate biased anyway so I don’t know why I’m making this point. Spiders eat a lot, okay? I think the point of the article is mainly that spiders provide a lot of pest control services for free:

Whaaaaaat?!  This is awesome:



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