More bee-eaters!

Bee-eaters are some of my favourite birds…they just seem so elegant and athletic in their flight. I’ve already posted about the Carmine Bee-Eaters, and they are lovely, but Kenya also had a complement of other beautiful bee-eaters, some of which I was lucky enough to photograph.

Bee Eaters
Bee Eaters
Madagascar Bee-Eaters

Bee Eaters
Blue-breasted Bee-eater

Bee Eaters
Bee Eaters
Little Bee-eater


7 thoughts on “More bee-eaters!

  1. Lovely birds and good pics. The first one reminds me of lunch in high school. You have your bird clique and the loner who is looking for adventure elsewhere. Great composition.

  2. wow beautiful birds, such sharp business meaning beaks! haha Ild ve thought you would not be a fan of anything with bee-eater in the name lol

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