Links to share – Conservation Edition

Welp, this is bad news:

Super tuskers are elephants whose tusks weigh more than 50 kg each (or touch the ground), they are getting preeeettty rare because ivory is worth between 1,500 and 2,000$ per kilo. We just lost another one in Tsavo not long ago:

Another story about hunting a super tusker:

There’s a very good Radiolab episode on legally hunting charismatic megafauna and its role in conservation:

In Mozambique, the elephants have evolved to become tuskless because of all the poaching, which generates a weird mix of awe and sadness in me.

How Americans think about climate change…this combines my ridiculous passion for maps with interesting data:

An excellent article on the nuanced costs and benefits of organic agriculture…and our uncertainty about them:

A night parrot was photographed in 2013… It was the first time there had been concrete evidence of one since the 1880s…and of course there’s a controversy as wealthy birders attempt to flock* to the sight*, and as less wealthy birders are excluded:

Interview with my bestie, Sam, on the first bee to be put on the endangered species list:

How aquarium trade affects reef conservation:

*Pun intended


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