Some Kenyan birds with ridiculous tails

Gotta love em! The males of these species had incredibly long tails, and they looked so awkward in flight, but they were so beautiful!

Paradise Whydah
Paradise Whydah
These guys were so common, but it was hard to get a photo of them because I was working in the field most of the time and couldn’t spend time taking photos
Paradise Whydah
They looked like fish in flight
Paradise Whydah

Pin-tailed whydah
Pin-tailed Whydah

Paradise flycatcher
Paradise flycatcher
The less common white morph of the really quite beautiful paradise flycatcher…I know it’s a crappy photo but I chased this bird into a thorny bush at dusk to get it, so I’m sharing gosh darn it!

Blue-naped mousebird
Blue naped mousebird

Speckled mousebird


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