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This is cool…an open repository of plant illustrations for scientific manuscripts. I’ve also made some line drawings available here and here:

Mumps outbreak was caused by vaccination gap…herd immunity is important folks!  There is no link between autism and vaccines, so protect yourself and your children from vaccine preventable diseases:

I’m gonna call this one, big ‘ol bug collection donated to science = good news!

I have only one word: WHOA:


Just the concept of deleting data is horrifying to me…I could barely type it:

Go Ireland! Way to fund research into renewable energies!

America’s first female ecologist (?):

Owl baiting for photos? I haven’t done this and wouldn’t do it myself, but probably wouldn’t argue if someone else did:

Short story by Hope Jahren (author of Lab Girl):

I enjoyed this thoughtful post on cheating:

The difficult choice apple orchard managers face…spraying fungicides harms bees, but if no treatment is applied, the crop is lost:

Leave no woman behind (all warrior ants are female)!


2 thoughts on “Links to share

  1. The last story was my favorite. People think ants don’t count because they’re small, but they do. They see the value in their fellow ants as well. I love it!

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