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New mollusk found!  Cool!  Of course, there’s a symbiosis involved, with chemosynthetic bacteria.  Mutualisms are the coolest:

Stinky orchid shuts down flower show:

Water striders are cooler than you think:

This is a pretty and peaceful video about the sights and sounds of a typical New York forest:

The amazing Dutch tulips:

More on this Cheerios debacle…I really feel that it’s overblown and this article includes a lot of pettiness (and arrogance), but it hits some of the points I was trying to make (i.e. the discussion is more valuable than the seeds, there’s always something to gain in convincing people to interact with nature, none of the seeds in the packet were actually that dangerous) while missing a few others (it is dang HARD to get the right seeds in the mix, there’s a lot of confusion about the right things to do):

I was right about cycling too 😛

Naked mole rats are awesome! When my grandmother recently passed away, my mother found a book she had apparently intended to give to me (it had a little note to me in the cover) about naked mole rats. It was a children’s book, but I still learned a lot from it.   Now we find that they can survive in very low oxygen conditions. These little guys never cease to amaze:


6 thoughts on “Links to share

  1. I read them all; thanks for sharing those links. I was particularly awed by the time lapse year video, and Buddy the stinky orchid brought to mind Malaysia’s national flower — the Rafflesia — which uses the same pollinators and rotting flesh smell, only this flower is three feet across! I was bummed that some of the mole rats perished as a direct result of their oxygen experimentation. Can’t we do better than that by our fellow Earthlings? Still fascinating, nonetheless.

    I find it equally fascinating (and quite cool) that this crazy creature links you endearingly to your grandmother. I hope to be remembered as the bug and soil Grammy when I go. Sorry for your loss. Cheers!

    • So glad you enjoyed them! I love the stinky flowers too! It is sad that some mole rats died as a part of the experiment…ethics regulations ensure that the study was not designed in a way where they thought individuals would perish, so it must have been a calculated risk. The funny thing is that my grandma was not a bug and soil Grammy, but a high class Southern lady obsessed with manners, cleanliness, and fine china. I don’t think we ever really saw eye to eye…still, the fact that she had thought to get this book for me says something, doesn’t it?

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