European Robin (drawing)

I had to get rid of pretty much everything I owned to move overseas. It was so expensive to travel with an extra suitcase that I came here with only one suitcase and a carry on item! Of course, I had to ship one of my bikes over because I had to have at least one friend on this side of the ocean…I didn’t know a single person over here when I flew over. I had never even met my adviser in person!

Anywho, I’m telling you this because getting rid of most of my possessions meant I kept essential things only, which meant no drawing equipment!

Over the last weekend, however, in a fit of depression, I bought myself some basic drawing supplies: a 24 pack of colored pencils and a pad of blank paper. It’s a start!

I love these little robins and they were actually my first Irish bird. I landed in Dublin at 5:30 am and took the first bus in to start my first day of work. While I was walking from the bus stop to my office, in the still-dark of early morning, a little robin with a bright orange breast hopped up to a nearby railing to critically inspect my travel weary self (an immigration officer!). He shouted a short little blitz of a song at me and flipped up and around in the air in a show of aerial acrobatics.

He then proceeded to follow me, hopping from post to post, all the way to my office.

Here’s to the ever-curious, ever-adorable, European Robin:


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