Where in the world is SOIMF*?

See if you can guess where I am (slash was a few days ago, these are always belated because it is hard to post while I’m traveling)! There are some pretty big clues in here…and I have a feeling some of my regular readers will know it well. 5 internet points for the country, 50 […]

Chaffinch mating dance

I got to see this cute chaffinch couple doing their courtship ritual, with the male doing a little dance. I was pretty impressed! But the female…not so much. These are great birds that I didn’t even know existed before I came to Ireland! First, the female checked out the log Chaffinch butt I know this […]

I have a(n) (ir)rational fear of primates (that includes you)

When I used to work at a zoo, the primates used to torture me (explained in detail here, but suffice it to say they were very mean), and I rapidly developed a primate phobia. Admittedly, I’ve always been somewhat afraid of humans, which are also primates. Humans are arguably the most dangerous, lethal, and unpredictable […]

Assorted Kenyan insects (and a millipede)

I didn’t have much time for insect photography in Kenya (unfortunately), but here are some of the random photos I did get. Also, millipedes are not insects, but they are arthropods. *shrug* (PS I already shared the Cerambycids) I get you hooked with the Lepidoptera first Now for some bees…I had been searching for this […]

This bird with a petal stuck to its head is the best thing I’ve seen all year

This is from March, in Dublin…I was walking home one day and I passed this blackbird with a petal stuck right to the top of its head. I was so delighted that I followed the poor thing all around the field taking photos of it. It seemed so baffled at my interest…of course, it had […]

Two cool Kenyan long horned beetles

These two huge long horned beetles caught my attention in Kenya but I couldn’t identify them (no key to use). So if you know, comment below! I was trying to pose this guy with various sized sampling tubes for scale but he would not cooperate haha…gotta love that leopard print though! The long horned beetles […]