Links to share: conservation edition

I cannot overemphasize how serious the damage to the Great Barrier Reef is. This is truly one of the greatest ecological catastrophes of our time:

I hate the de-extinction paradigm…it’s too tempting to think we could bring back the species we destroyed and therefore right the wrongs we’ve committed. But the species we’d be bringing back aren’t the same as the ones that were driven extinct…they’d be a lab-engineered hybrid of what is and what was, with a lot of human guessing in the mix. It’s expensive and uncertain, and will result in a small, unstable population with poor genetic diversity. Furthermore, many went extinct for lack of habitat, a problem that has only worsened with time.  Let’s focus on saving what remains instead of resurrecting a facsimile of what was.

Watching the glaciers disappear:

Hugh Possingham on the March for Science and the relationship between science and hope:

Important things to know about how climate change is affecting geopolitical stability:

My bestie Sam at the March for Science, watch and enjoy the weird and wonderful ways Sam implores you to save the world:

This is so sad…a conservationist shot in the stomach in Kenya on her own land:

The looming ecological disaster of the border wall. Animals don’t recognize human borders!:

Stressful things about science funding:


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