A break from graphs with giraffes!

Seriously, though. I’ve been making too many graphs.
Reticulated Giraffe
I’d much rather be watching giraffes.
Reticulated Giraffe
These guys are really so much fun to watch (spot the oxpecker)
Reticulated Giraffe
This is the biggest giraffe I saw…it was huge!
Reticulated Giraffe
They have an awkward beauty about them
Reticulated Giraffe
I should add smug giraffes to my smug lizards calendar (even though they’re not lizards)
Reticulated Giraffe
Reticulated Giraffe
Reticulated Giraffe
Reticulated Giraffe
A coy giraffe?
Reticulated Giraffe
May the fourth be with you!


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