Links to share

I loved learning about some of the moons of our solar system:

The war on wildlife and conservation:

This song is me if you replace all the “man” and “boyfriend” references with “job”, and “society” with “science” hahaha

You know how I love maps…here’s an interactive map about potential future changes in American healthcare based on age, income, and where you live. It’s super interesting:

A new blog about ecology and sustainability, check it out! It’s still young, but it will be great*:

A friend’s youtube channel…he’s a bioengineer, so there is a lot of weird and wonderful stuff! (PS he’s the genius from this post):

These birds are too sexy to survive**:

If you grow pumpkins or squash or cucumbers or gourds or melons, participate in The Great Pumpkin Project!  Record your observations of insects and diseases visiting your cucurbit:

(another link for that:

A cute little pseudo-satirical essay on NPR’s rooftop honeybees:

Consider contributing to Kuki Gallmann’s fund for conservation in Kenya…she’s hanging onto life by thread after being shot in the stomach by poachers on her own land, and now the conservation lands are in chaos. There’s a lot of violence and political instability:

This. Is. Spectacular. Cassini’s views of Saturn:

When botany leads to awkward conversations:

*I totally have no bias
**The author of the blog above and the youtube channel here together make one of my favourite power couples on Earth. ❤


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