The Zebra

There is a right way and a wrong way to pronounce the word “zebra” and if you’re from the US, you probably say it the wrong way (sorry).  It’s zeb-rah, not zee-brah!

It’s pretty fantastic to see these guys in the wild.  You can actually see them in Nairobi, driving from the airport to the city (as I did). There is a large national park right next to the highway!  So keep an eye open and you may spot some zebras.

These photos were taken in Tsavo NP, of course.

I love the Carmine bee-eater rider on his back
Offended zebra
What are you lookin at?
Baby Zebra! They really are a lighter colour than the adults
Zebra in a herd are kind of confusing
Oh man I have amazing timing*

*The majestic zebra!



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