Disappointing warthogs

Every once in a blue moon, a friend will ask me for a drawing and I get incredibly flattered and simultaneously very stressed. Most of the time, I just draw birds, so drawing other things can be a challenge. (Not only that, but I’m not especially good even at the things I draw all the time!)

One time the postman asked me to draw his house for him (I have no idea why), and I stressed over it for weeks. I don’t even think the final product was very good, but I gave it to him anyway, because that’s how I roll. My old adviser once asked me to draw a warthog with its tail in the air for her kids and I a) had never seen a warthog in my life and b) had never drawn a warthog. Anyway, I drew something and gave it to her and don’t even remember what it looks like, frankly. Hopefully, she wasn’t too disappointed…

I forgot all about it, right up until I saw my first warthogs in the wild, in Kenya. Then it was all I could think about!

I only got one photo of a warthog (and it didn’t even have its tail up!), but I did see many of them in Tsavo, running around with tails straight in the air.


Sorry for the disappointment 😛


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