African Buffalo

I think this is the last charismatic megafauna from Kenya that I have to post about. Well, I suppose not many people think of African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) as charismatic. But I think they’re pretty cool looking, and I enjoyed seeing them in the wild.

African Buffalo
Also, fierce!

Interestingly, many people refer to this buffalo as a “water buffalo”, but technically it is in a different genus, so they are not that closely related*. They do look similar, however, and are in the same family (Bovidae), which includes everything from dik-diks to sheep, and the same tribe (Bovinae), which includes all cattle-like creatures (yaks, bison, buffalo, etc.).

African Buffalo

Now that you’ve had your taxonomy lesson, here are some buffalo photos.

African Buffalo
Baby buffalo!
African Buffalo
Even smaller baby buffalo!
African Buffalo
*timing* is the art of a great photographer 😛
African Buffalo
African Buffalo

*Although there is vertebrate taxonomic bias** at work here, so I suppose you could argue they ARE closely related.
**Like, I would say two different bee genera in the same tribe were closely related.***
***Also, if buffaloes were invertebrates, there probably would only be one buffalo genus, so, you know…


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