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Don’t be fooled by cheap visualization tricks! If you’re a person who digests graphs from the media (i.e. anyone), make sure you know the ways people can lie with graphs:

I think it’s fair to call me a minimalist, given that everything I owned fit into a suitcase a couple of weeks ago. But once you settle down to live in a place, it helps to have a few things. In other words, don’t romanticize minimalism*:

This is alarming. You may think fewer insects smashed on your car is a good thing, but entire ecosystems are built on the foundation of arthropod food:

Cuttlefish battle! I love cuttlefish, but I missed my chance to see one in the wild in Australia. At least I saw an octopus! Check out this video of two male cuttlefish fighting over a female:

Debunking the myth that humans have a poor sense of smell…this is SO interesting! Of course, I, like many others, have always been taught that dogs have a sense of smell many hundreds of times more powerful than our own. As it turns out, there isn’t strong scientific evidence behind that claim. The sheer relative volume of brain space dedicated to olfaction may not be the only thing at play here:

Arthropod biodiversity inside North American Carolina homes (though this study claims biodiversity inside homes is high, 579 species of arthropods is actually quite low in terms of biodiversity):

Painful. The accidental destruction of museum herbarium specimens, some hundreds of years old:

Lovely images of pollen and flowers…I never get tired of more flower photos!:

*There’s gotta be some happy medium between hoarder and living out of your car (which I have also done)


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