House geckos in Kenya

Look at these amazing feet. This is how geckos can run along ceilings

Mandatory TED talk

Close up on the beautiful eye

I’ve seen house geckos on four continents now (Australia, South America, North America, Africa). However, Kenya (and sub-Saharan Africa in general) is their native range! We were all quite fond of the geckos at the research camp because they ate all sorts of pest insects. Plus, it’s always fun to hear their little feet ticka-tacking around your tent. When I was tidying up my tent on the day I was leaving camp, I picked up my pillow to see if I’d left anything behind, and a gecko stared back up at me.

Talk about smug lizards, geez
He’s a little chubby, plenty of good meals at the camp toilets

Because we had drop toilets in the research camp, the geckos’ favourite place was the bathroom. A fly buffet every day! When I worked at the zoo, we introduced tiger geckos to control the cockroach problem…then we had a gecko problem. But no one really minds having geckos scatter when you turn on the lights.

The view from inside my tent, including resident geckos
Keeping the tent safe from cockroaches
Tropical house gecko
Another researcher found and hatched some gecko eggs. Human finger for scale!
Tropical house gecko
Freshly hatched gecko babies!


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