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Alternative ways to kill weeds! (in agriculture, sorry gardeners)

Plants that are edible to you and good for bees too!

One of my favourite movie quotes ever, and I’m really feeling it since I moved to Ireland.
“I better straighten myself out.”
“Need any help?”
“Oh…all I can get.”

Scientists are funny (as in strange not as in haha)…also, this article features a scientist I was very nearly hired by as a postdoc, but alas:

An old colleague of mine writes about the role of decision theory in de-extinction paradigms. I approve:


On that note, natural history museums are struggling. The article says “as belts tighten” but I argue, aren’t belts almost always tight? How did natural history museums survive the Great Depression? We’re actually very wealthy today, so why can’t we protect our natural history museums? It’s all about where we place “value”, not just money.

This is not actually a winged snake, just the translation of the Latin haha…what they really found was a snake with vertebrae that project forward (still cool, but as for the headline, “I am disappoint” as they say…do better Washington Post):

I ❤ questions like this! Reminds me of an old friend of mine who used to bust into my office early in the morning to ask me random and impossible to answer questions (like, is a hyaena more closely related to a fox than a badger is to a mink?). How did whales get so big?

Look at this GORGEOUS photo of Jupiter's pole. I love you NASA and not just because my father works for you or just because you gave me a ten thousand dollar research grant that helped me survive grad school <3. LOOK AT IT!

I love the artwork in this post! Incredible artist using insect mimicry:

Speaking of gorgeous insects:


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