Assorted Kenyan insects (and a millipede)

I didn’t have much time for insect photography in Kenya (unfortunately), but here are some of the random photos I did get. Also, millipedes are not insects, but they are arthropods. *shrug* (PS I already shared the Cerambycids)

I get you hooked with the Lepidoptera first
Now for some bees…I had been searching for this nest the entire time I was at the research station. I knew it must be nearby because I had seen the workers but I didn’t realize that Kenyan stingless bees nest in the ground (I’m used to the Neotropical ones that make these gorgeous resin nests), finally I found this nest in the pot holding a dead plant outside the kitchen.
Plebeina (?)
Plebeina (?)
So cute when just their little antennae poke up
Plebeina (?)
Plebeina (?)
Carpenter bee nesting in some bamboo
I wish I’d had more time to photograph bees, but I was really busy the whole time!

Acacia ant mutualisms are very famous…they make these big hollow thorns for the ants to live in and the ants protect them. This was a dead acacia but you could tell the thorns were once occupied by ants
Some cool little mantids I found
Not an insect, but I finally figure out what was leaving all those little tracks outside the tents…this giant millipede!
Mystery solved
Please ignore my horrifying foot
Pretty guy
This awesome bright red caterpillar I thought I saved from a pool of water but then realized there were hundreds of


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