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Pop culture icons reimagined as insects? Yes: The most Irish thing ever? Risky headline, cute story: How did I not know about this!? You can get data from graphs in published papers using DataThief! Go NPR! The bulk of the world’s pollination services are being carried out by organisms other than honeybees: […]

Cheat guide to the Irish Bumblebees

I needed to master the bumblebee diversity of Ireland quickly after I arrived so that I could identify species in the field, so I made myself this little (simple) cheat guide. There are some great photographic guides on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan website, so this is definitely no substitute for those, but instead meant to […]

We can all use a little time to self-heal*

🙂 Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris) and creeping buttercup (Ranunculus acris) just make a pretty picture in this little Irish meadow. Both common, boring plants, invasive in the US and introduced many other places. But they made me happy and I hope you like them too. This is where they belong. *Pun intended** **This post would only […]

You know you’re a field biologist when…

Yesterday, I was doing pollinator observations on my plants in the field. There was zero percent chance of rain in the forecast and it was supposed to be sunny all day (perfect pollinator weather), but this is Ireland, so of course it rained a few times. As I can’t observe pollinators when it’s raining, I […]