This ridiculously photogenic horse

I mean, why? It belongs on the cover of a fantasy novel.

Ridiculously photogenic horse

Ridiculously photogenic horse


9 thoughts on “This ridiculously photogenic horse

  1. Yes! The blogger at published an entire book about her pictures of a neighbor’s horse. I’m finally starting to get it. You’ve captured the beauty of a horse in a terrific way.

  2. I want my hair to look like that horse’s mane, all ridiculously long and smooth and flowing. I’m stuck with rough and rowdy and unmanageable! Long, yes, but not nearly so beautiful in the wind! It’s like the rule that men should have all the long curly eyelashes ladies would die for! It just doesn’t seem . . . well, fair! And I know, as I have told my kids a thousand time, life’s not fair, but that horse sure is gorgeous!

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