Links to Share: UPDATED!

OMG You have to read this story about astronomers geeking out over jumping spiders, and also jumping spiders chase laser pointers just like cats…whhhhaaat:

It is definitely a bucket list item to get to see the wildflowers of Western Australia…amazing endemism and diversity:

This spider web gains strength from touching insect bodies by absorbing wax from the surface of their exoskeleton…whaaaat:

I got to watch this revolution in apple growing in process when I worked in New York apple orchards. The trees get smaller and smaller, and must be physically supported in order to hold the weight of the apples they are growing:

I’m not going to wade into politics, but I think it’s important to understand the implications of the US withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, largely because of the potential impacts it will have on all of us, and future generations:
A more snarky version of the above:

You should check out the website for the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, just because it is awesome…there are planting guides and ID guides for bumblebees, solitary bees, and hoverflies. It’s a great resource!:

Are we in for another Dust Bowl? Bad news bears:

How dumb is our obsession with manicured lawns (read: green deserts)? Pretty dumb, as it turns out!:

Sam Droege did a TEDex Talk!


2 thoughts on “Links to Share: UPDATED!

  1. I agree the pollinators initiative resources are excellent and so practical. Looking forward to checking out some of your other links.

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