You’re such a derbid. That’s not actually an insult, but it so sounds like it could be, right? I love it. A grad student in the last lab I worked in introduced me to this cool family of insects, the Derbidae, and I think the name is hilarious (because I’m six years old, apparently). That grad student is a fantastic insect photographer, but he never posts anything online, so I can’t share his work with you, unfortunately.*

Derbids are in the order of True Bugs (Hemiptera). This species is probably Anotia bonnetii, which is very common. These are terrible photos, but you get the idea.

Cute, right??

I like the WIPs (Wing Interference Patterns)

*He’s also hilarious. My favourite memory of him was when a mutual friend said, “He’s only friends with you because you help him with his field work!” and I turned to him and said, with faux hurt in my eyes, “Is that true?” and, without missing a beat, he quipped “Who said we were friends??!” I was rolling with laughter.


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