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Pop culture icons reimagined as insects? Yes:

The most Irish thing ever? Risky headline, cute story:

How did I not know about this!? You can get data from graphs in published papers using DataThief!

Go NPR! The bulk of the world’s pollination services are being carried out by organisms other than honeybees:

Yeah!! Go Essy! A blog interview with my bestest Kenyan buddy:

My friend recommended this blog and I’m going to pass it on because it’s awesome (if you like parasites, and who doesn’t love the parasites secretly controlling their brain???):

I liked this New York Times essay on mothers before they were mothers:

The crazy sex life of a plain old cabbage white butterfly:

Yaaaaaaassss this is awesome, watch it:


5 thoughts on “Links to Share

  1. I enjoyed the article about the pollinator pathway; some real food for thought there. But the story about photos of our mothers before they were mothers was poignant. I recall a picture of my mother as a teenager that helped me re-think how she grew up in rural west Texas. It makes me sad that I have only two photos of myself before I got married, from my early teens. My father was an amateur photographer, yet his family was not his genre. It’s probably just as well. My kids see me as strong, willful, resilient and self-empowered. Maybe I don’t want them to see how shy, frightened, and out-of-place I was before they were born. Being their mother changed me immeasurably. Thanks for the selections.

    • It is really interesting…I know that having my oldest sister really changed my mother’s life and gave her the strength to leave an abusive relationship she otherwise would have stayed in. I think it’s difficult for a lot of children to see their mothers as humans capable of mistakes, with a whole life before they were born!

      • It’s amazing what we will do out of love for our children and our desire that they have the best life we can make for them. They make a good woman grow up, but it is optional. I’ve been working on another child abuse case at work and I see what life is like when people don’t become stronger and more mature for their kids. It’s a perspective that has been hard for me to accept.

      • I’m so sorry, that sounds terribly difficult đŸ˜¦ I could never be a lawyer! My sister is a prosecutor and she put a whole ring of pedophiles in jail but I kept thinking I could never deal with all that.

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