Gorse fires in Howth

I did my hike of Howth just days after a major gorse fire…I had no idea I was doing so, but I saw the aftermath…
Gorse fire aftermath
Gorse fire aftermath
Gorse fire aftermath
Gorse fire aftermath


2 thoughts on “Gorse fires in Howth

  1. We recently completed a six day hike at Carnarvon in Queensland, Australia. Despite signage hikers still light fires, the evidence was obvious. There was one other couple on the track and they, despite being lovely people, lit a fire each night. What I didn’t realise initially was they were not putting the fire out before bed at night. One morning, after they had left and poured water over the fire, I could still smell it burning. On investigation there was much kindling and wood fuel built up over the fire, I imagine in an effort to smother it without success. We put it out. This was the first time, I was confronted with the dangerous consequences of an out of control fire in such a remote location.

    Bushfires are part of the regeneration process in the Australian bush. The landscape certainly takes on a different feel when burnt.

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