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Saw this first hand when I was in Kenya earlier this year where brutal droughts are devastating the country. It’s very sad because many people don’t have another way to live. The farmers in Kenya were more ready to discuss climate change with me than suburbanites in Pennsylvania…: As The Climate Changes, Kenyan Herders Find Centuries-Old Way Of Life In Danger

Okay, time for some puppy love: Puppy patrol! Adorable puppies join police force

Scientific citations and facebook likes have the same degree distribution (open access)! Neat! But also…is science just a big popularity contest? If yes, I don’t do well at those: Science and Facebook: The same popularity law!

I like Jessica Williams a lot and NPR did a fun little interview with her: Comic Jessica Williams On ‘The Daily Show’ And Learning To ‘Never Be Average’

Surprisingly good advice column (not that I dislike advice columns per se, but this one expands into something broader and more general that I really enjoyed): Ask Polly: It Seems Like My Friends Don’t Like Me

This is new! You shouldn’t necessarily take the full course of antibiotics if you’re feeling better. I was always taught that it was essential to do so (and just completed a penicillin course for strep). Interesting and important for the battle against antibiotic resistance (PS I just had weird deja vu about this…did I already post this article??): Rule that patients must finish antibiotics course is wrong, study says

A very interesting discussion of the morality of direct and indirect mortality of insects, a topic that I have spent a great deal of time considering! Missing from this moral discussion is the morality of killing insects to learn more about them. Where does scientific inquiry fall on the line of morality? I’ve seen people complain about pouring molten aluminium into ant nests, when they do not hesitate to pour poison down ant nests. At least we can learn from metal casts of nests… What if Klein & Barron are right about insect sentience?

Interesting Irish etymology and what remains of it: Collops and fíbíns: The lost language of Ireland’s landscape
EDIT: Now that I think about this, it reminds me of curglaff… maybe the Irish need cute and charismatic animals to act out their words to preserve them. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Links to Share

  1. It’s nice to know that somewhere, scientists are beginning to question the sentience of insects. It’s a baby-step forward. But I have to say that I loved the Ask Polly article. I posted it to my (Myers-Briggs temperament type) INTJ FB group, because this is how we are but most people don’t understand us. We are serious, we’re getting shit done, and we don’t emoji-up our life about it. We have better things to do than report what we ate for lunch — and we expect better things from everyone else too. That’s why I like you, SOIMF. You’re getting shit done and not messing with the cheer-leading press releases. You’re serious and you care about the things that matter. Keep up the good work!

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