Carpenter Bee Nest (Arizona)

A recent post on the blog Adventuresinbeeland reminded me of a carpenter bee nest that we dissected in Arizona…two years ago! I could have sworn I already posted about this, but I couldn’t find a record in my blog posts, so here it is now.

Carpenter Bee nests
This carpenter bee (Now it’s been two years, I’ve forgotten which species of Xylocopa this is!) nests inside the flowering stalks of the century plant (Agave americana). They can get incredibly tall (up to 9 meters or 30 ft).
Carpenter Bee nests
There’s the entrance to the nest
Carpenter Bee nests
Cracking open the stalk
Carpenter Bee nests
Female bee buzzing angrily about us disturbing her
Carpenter Bee nests
Different stages of development
Carpenter Bee nests
A closer look at some stages…the pale one is a pupa, metamorphosing from juvenile to adult. Metamorphosis is a fascinatin’ process that I should spend more time gushing about.
Carpenter Bee nests
A younger pupa (the eyes haven’t turned black yet)
Carpenter Bee nests
A 3-d printed model of a pupa used for teaching
Carpenter Bee nests
Big ol fat pollen sausage (larva)


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