June Lake, Mt. St. Helens National Monument

June Lake
My friend and I spent two nights camping at this site. You have to carry your gear in about a mile, but it’s pretty easy to access and was popular with other campers both nights. The water is COLD, even for me (I love swimming almost more than anything and have swum in Lake Michigan in March), and it’s probably snow melt right off the mountain.
June Lake
June Lake
I got in and splashed around a bit, went in over my head, and then immediately rushed out muttering, “Cold, cold, cold!” A gang of male campers was loitering nearby watching, and one came over and said, “Well, I bet it’s not colder than where I was swimming earlier.”
June Lake
June Lake
“Yeah, man, go ahead and show me up!” I said, encouragingly. So he left for his suit. When he came back, he waded in up to his knees*, crossed his arms, and proclaimed that the water was absolutely “not cold”, then he immediately waded back out again. By this time, I was distracted by the dipper, but I could hear him telling his mates loudly that it wasn’t cold at all, but that it looked a bit mucky so he wouldn’t get in all the way.

June Lake
My friend and I were both quite enamored with this little verdant island.
June Lake
No one else dared to get in at all, aside from my camping companion, who washed carefully but did not deign to go in over her head.

June Lake
My beautiful (and tolerant) camping partner. Goodness only knows who else could tolerate me for five days.
June Lake
June Lake
Here she is in the water, the brave soul.

Anyway, maybe I’m weak, but by my account, the water is COLD! Nice, but cold. Like bone-hurting cold if you stay in for more than a few moments (at my size, anyway). Go and camp there and see if you can prove me wrong!

June Lake
It’s a challenge! Next time I visit, I’m gonna swim like a fish!
June Lake
It almost spells “bling”

*I was thinking, “Whatever dude, you didn’t go in past the ‘point of no return’.” Which is a thing another male friend had explained to me.


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