Some birds I saw in Oregon

  You already know how this post is going to go…beautiful birds photographed badly 😀 Violet Green Swallows (such pretty birds but a terrible photograph) California Gull juvenile Yellow chats Look at my butt! Maybe a Vesper sparrow? Somebody help me I’m terrible at LBJs* Sure is cute though Spotted Sandpiper bobbing its butt My […]

Leaving and The Summer Ends, by Wendell Berry

I title this photo “Leaving” 😀 I was trying to get a photo of this syrphid fly on a flower, but of course it took off and I just caught its little feetsies. The Summer Ends The summer ends, and it is time To face another way. Our theme Reversed, we harvest the last row […]

Take a hike! (With me?) Timothy Lake Meditation Point

There’s a nice short hike you can do from the north arm campground of Timothy Lake to Meditation Point. I recommend it! I took a lot of photos of the trail while my buddy patiently waited for me. This is just a beautiful forest Ahh just looking at this photo makes me feel peaceful Forest […]

The Dicamba struggle

I have to be careful about wading into this topic, as it is highly controversial, but I feel the need to discuss it. But before I talk about Dicamba, I need to talk about Roundup. Roundup is the most widely used herbicide *in the world*. Like WD-40, it is also a desiccant (it dries out […]

Camping at Timothy Lake

After our adventures at June Lake, my friend and I decided to check out Mt. Hood, so we camped the next night at the North Arm campground of Timothy Lake. When we arrived, the campground manager looked at us sideways and said “How did you two find this place?” “I googled campgrounds near Mt. Hood […]

It’s my blogiversary!

I’ve been blogging for SIX years now, believe it or not! I can believe it because boy a lot has happened since I started this blog. I’ve been on six continents, gotten my PhD, lived in three states and two countries, run my first marathon and half-ironman, hiked a 14er, broken my shoulder, torn my […]

Take a hike! (With me?): Little Crater Lake

Okay, so everyone knows about THE Crater Lake, as in Crater Lake National Park. But have you heard of Little Crater Lake? I thought not! According to Wikipedia, geologists consider Little Crater Lake “an oddity”, because they don’t really know how it formed. Some geologic process formed a depression in the ground, which was filled […]