Some birds I saw in Oregon

  You already know how this post is going to go…beautiful birds photographed badly 😀 Violet Green Swallows (such pretty birds but a terrible photograph) California Gull juvenile Yellow chats Look at my butt! Maybe a Vesper sparrow? Somebody help me I’m terrible at LBJs* Sure is cute though Spotted Sandpiper bobbing its butt My […]

Leaving and The Summer Ends, by Wendell Berry

I title this photo “Leaving” 😀 I was trying to get a photo of this syrphid fly on a flower, but of course it took off and I just caught its little feetsies. The Summer Ends The summer ends, and it is time To face another way. Our theme Reversed, we harvest the last row […]

Take a hike! (With me?) Timothy Lake Meditation Point

There’s a nice short hike you can do from the north arm campground of Timothy Lake to Meditation Point. I recommend it! I took a lot of photos of the trail while my buddy patiently waited for me. This is just a beautiful forest Ahh just looking at this photo makes me feel peaceful Forest […]

The Dicamba struggle

I have to be careful about wading into this topic, as it is highly controversial, but I feel the need to discuss it. But before I talk about Dicamba, I need to talk about Roundup. Roundup is the most widely used herbicide *in the world*. Like WD-40, it is also a desiccant (it dries out […]

It’s my blogiversary!

I’ve been blogging for SIX years now, believe it or not! I can believe it because boy a lot has happened since I started this blog. I’ve been on six continents, gotten my PhD, lived in three states and two countries, run my first marathon and half-ironman, hiked a 14er, broken my shoulder, torn my […]

Take a hike! (With me?): Little Crater Lake

Okay, so everyone knows about THE Crater Lake, as in Crater Lake National Park. But have you heard of Little Crater Lake? I thought not! According to Wikipedia, geologists consider Little Crater Lake “an oddity”, because they don’t really know how it formed. Some geologic process formed a depression in the ground, which was filled […]