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We need nature and nature needs us: People and nature need each other

An interesting article on flooding in Houston, and it has an interactive* map, which is a bonus in my book: Boomtown, Flood Town

Related. Photos of current flooding in Houston. Some tough folk live in Texas! PHOTOS: Houston Flood Caused By Harvey Sends Residents Scrambling For Safety

I ❤ trees, especially old trees. Here's some interesting infrared photography of old trees. Gotta love those big old baobabs: Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees

I have very mixed feelings about this article that claims that honeybees are driving wild bees out of San Juan. On the one hand, I trust the experience of this scientist who is living with the bees on the island. On the other, this has not been conclusively shown in the literature, and unless the author publishes a scientific study demonstrating a real relationship (not just a correlation), I won’t be truly convinced. The declarative title is too much for me at this time. (It has been shown that honeybee abundances are confounded with human disturbance in other studies (link to David Roubik’s work here).): Honeybees can displace native bees

I really enjoyed this post on Dynamic Ecology about crises in scientific fields: What kind of scientific crisis is the field of ecology having?

Unattractive moths benefit from having attractive moths nearby. I feel like there’s some analogy to humans here…ah, wait they explicitly make an analogy with humans here: “That result also parallels what’s been found in humans: that an attractive woman in a crowd of less attractive women also seems to attract more attention. But pinning down exactly why this happens should be much easier in moths than people, she notes.” Sexy females help “Plain Jane” moths snag their mates

*Interactive in the sense that the map interacts with the article, not that you can click on. Not sure if there’s a different word for that


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