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Still watching this Dicamba disaster unfold: A Wayward Weedkiller Divides Farm Communities, Harms Wildlife

Ugh: With OK From EPA, Use Of Controversial Weedkiller Is Expected To Double

How do carnivorous plants get pollinated without eating their pollinators? An interesting question explored in this article: How insect-eating plants persuade insects to pollinate them

How can you resist a headline like this one? Bootylicious Fly Gets Named Beyoncé

Are the Nobel Prizes in science ridiculous? I never thought to question them…The Absurdity of the Nobel Prizes in Science

Removing Japanese Barberry can help control tick populations. I wonder if this also applies to multiflora rose and other invasive woody shrubs (e.g. Celastrus, Honeysuckle etc or even herbaceous plants like Garlic Mustard and Stiltgrass): The 5-Year Plan: Manage Japanese Barberry to Keep Tick Levels Low, Reduce Lyme Risk

This bee nests in horse poo! You heard it here first folks…that’s why you read this blog, for the quality information about pressing issues! 😀 Trichothurgus bolithophilus sp. n. (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae) a bee nesting in horse manure pads in Patagonia, Argentina

Photos of….

Beautiful snakes: Photographer Survives Deadly Snake Bite While Taking Colorful Serpent Portraits

Beautiful insects (big claim though): These are the most beautiful pictures of bugs you will ever see

Beautiful bacteria (and some fungi): From Blue Cheese To Dirt, How Beautiful Bacteria Can Be

And gorgeous moths (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise): Moths, Alive and in Color, in All Their Diversity


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