These silly wood pigeons

Before I moved to Ireland, some bird nerdy friends and I brainstormed about what birds I would encounter on the Emerald Isle. They had been to Scotland recently, and we assumed that the birds would be pretty similar. The one bird they wanted me to look out for was the wood pigeon, which they thought was hilarious.

This very common bird, has a perpetual look of surprise, plus a head that looks way too small for its body. I’ve enjoyed photographing them in Dublin, even though they’re ubiquitous, they’re still fun to have around.

I just love all their great expressions. Also, great Latin name: Columba palumbus (classic!)

Wood Pigeon
The head just looks so tiny compared to the body
Wood Pigeon
Juvenile frump
Wood Pigeon
Er, should you bend like that
Wood Pigeon
Wood Pigeon
Wood Pigeon


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