That’s not a bird!

This is an inside joke, if you’re confused you have to go back and read all of the >1500 posts on this site. Or just the ones from this week.


ANYWAY, I had a weird experience last week…a professor from our department saw me at coffee, pointed at me, and shouted, “SQUIRREL!”

Baffled, I said, “Excuse me, what.”

“You submitted a photo of a squirrel to our tree photo series.”

“Oh yes, sorry I thought I sent that to someone else (who was not you)*.”

“Yes, well I got it too, UNFORTUNATELY, that is a grey squirrel which is invasive and does a lot of damage to the trees.”

“Yeah, but, right, they’re still very common in the trees.”


“I’m an ecologist. I study interactions.”


“I submitted a lot of other tree photos but somehow they all have birds in them.”

“Can someone ELSE submit a photo please??”

I’m sorry to have upset the man, but the squirrels, invasive or not, are a real phenomenon we should not ignore, even if we dislike them.

*Omitted for politeness.


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