Some Kenyan primates

If you’ve read this blog before, you probably know that primates are my least favourite group of animals. If you’re human, that includes you, sorry. Partly, this is because they used to torture me when I worked at the zoo, but they’re also just untrustworthy in general. Look, we all have phobias. Some people are scared of spiders or snakes, I just happen to fear primates. Don’t judge.

On this trip to Kenya, the monkeys not only stole three avocados, but also several articles of clothing that the students carelessly left out AND a yogurt from the bag one of the instructors. You make think they’re cute and friendly but that is only if you’ve never had personal experience with them. Just sayin.

I hate baboons. This is an olive baboon
Aaaaand no comment
Baby baboons playing
Upside down baboon butt
Baby baboons fighting
Really young baby baboon
Renaissance baboon
Black faced vervet monkey

And now for some human primates, mostly students from the class
So, last time I was in Kenya it was in the middle of a terrible drought. The drought was so bad that the lions were picking off weakened elephants. This time we arrived in what was supposed to be the dry season and it rained every single day. The rains were so bad, we couldn’t even access one of the sites we were supposed to visit and the men on motorbikes we sent ahead to check it out had to be lifted out by helicopters! It doesn’t usually rain in the Maasai Mara and it was so muddy that we got our five fans stuck seven times. This is the students cheering on one of the attempts to unstick a van.
The students were up so late drinking every night that they sometimes slept through the next day (I will never understand this, but I am weird, acknowledged). On the day we got the vans stuck a million times, one of the students in my van, having slept through it all, woke up at the end of the day and asked me, “Why are the vans all muddy?” 😀
All these Irish students are so painfully white. Luckily, the sun didn’t come out basically at all on our trip. We brought the Irish weather with us!
Class plus instructors (minus me)
Love these photos of students fascinated by things!
Lunch break at Baringo Lake (epic!)
One of our guest instructors explaining the land use history of the area
Fanta commercial
Rest break
I finally got people interested in a plant! I’ll post more about this plant later because it is SUPER COOL
One of our guides being brave (stupid?) with a scorpion
That time we couldn’t afford to bring clipboards because the bags for the course were already too heavy
Trying to teach the students about rain forests in a fragmented and highly disturbed patch of forest
I just like this example of how well those neon shirts show up in the dark. Nice for nighttime cycling!
Campsite and frisbee on Lake Naivasha. Sadly, we stayed here for less than a day! I would’ve liked more time at this beautiful site


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