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Okay, I don’t care who you are, dinosaurs are just cool. This new finding of pterosaur eggs in China contributes to a long debate about the origin of flight. PS. The wingspan of 13 ft is comparable to modern dinosaurs (aka birds) like the wandering albatross and the California condor. Hundreds Of Eggs From Ancient Flying Reptile Are Found In China

Have I mentioned that I love the blog Math with Bad Drawings? It’s a popular blog, so chances are you already read it, but if you don’t this recent post had me giggling:

These awesome ant-mimicking spider: Another Ant… or is it? Mimicry in the Bornean Jungle

Nature never fails to surprise…I just learned that there are orchids that grow underground in Australia and crawl along very slowly: Rare moving orchid found

Everyone loves dinosaurs, PLUS feathered dinosaurs preserved in amber…too good: ‘Once in a lifetime find’: Dinosaur tail discovered trapped in amber

We need to pay attention to waste…I try not to harp on this but we really need to think about the way we use single-use plastics that basically never degrade. Plastic straws, plastic cutlery, balloons, plastic grocery bags…and Halloween. Think about it: Halloween is a load of rubbish

A fascinating fossil tick with a feathered dinosaur: Bound by Blood

Speaking of ectoparasites, just learned about this freaky ectoparasitic copepod that feeds on shark eyes (Don’t click through if you’re squeamish!): Parasite of the Day: Ommatokoita elongata

And to end on a good note, my favourite photo competition of the year! (I like the mouse) The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


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