Oops, I misidentified a bee photo

Sorry guys, I let you down. Earlier this year, I posted a photo of a little Halictid bee on my willowherb plants. At the time, I thought it was a male Halictus rubicundus, but now I’m realizing it’s probably a Lasioglossum calceatum! Bee identification is hard, especially from photos, but now that I’ve finished identifying all my bee specimens from the season (easy when there are so few bees and so few species! (don’t ask about the syrphids geez)), I am pretty confident this is a Lasioglossum (which I call a Lazy) and not a Halictus. At least I had the right family!

I always do my best to correct these mistakes, but if you see one, don’t hesitate to call me out on it. That’s how we learn 🙂


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