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Sorry about not posting lately! I’ve been installing and finishing a wood floor at my parents’ house over Christmas and balancing that with work! More on that soonish…

Crazy looking moth! Also, you KNOW I love it when we refind species we thought were extinct: Found: A Blue-and-White Moth Last Seen 130 Years Ago

I’m spending a lot of time on Steven Falk’s flickr collections for different insects of the British Isles (and Ireland), so I thought I’d share the joy:

A gallery of hopeful images from 2017 (you can never have too much hope): Hopeful Images From 2017

Bumble bee queens are especially sensitive to imidacloprid (a neonic) exposure: Effects of neonicotinoid imidacloprid exposure on bumble bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) queen survival and nest initiation

A beautiful collection of insect photos from the USGS lab: Enjoy a glorious rainbow of incredible bug photographs

An interesting article about why the winter is cold in eastern north America while the global climate is warming: Why is Eastern North America so cold and the globe so hot?

Australia used to have some really terrifying animals! Australian Animals Were a Lot More Gigantic And Terrifying During The Ice Age


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