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This is a lot of fun/trippy…you can choose your own vector field settings or randomize the image, either way it’s cool: Vector Field Play

Raptors set fires deliberately in Australia (as if fires weren’t enough of a problem already!): These Birds of Prey Are Deliberately Setting Forests on Fire

You’ve probably already seen this, but alligators survive the freezing of ponds in Florida by sticking their noses above the water and allowing themselves to be frozen into the pond…clever girl…: Video shows how alligators survive in a frozen pond

New article showing butterflies evolved before the diversification of angiosperms (flowering plants). This isn’t actually that surprising to me, but it’s interesting in comparison to the study that showed that bees diversified in the age of eudicots (Cardinal and Danforth 2013). Some of my own work also suggests that bees (as a group) are more tightly coevolved with angiosperms than Lepidopterans (moths and butterflies), which makes sense if you consider that moths and butterflies in general tend not to rely on pollen: Exquisite fossils show butterflies appeared before there were flowers to pollinate

Bat brains frying in Australia’s heat wave (while in the northeastern US, temperatures plummeted to -32C last week): Australia’s Heat Wave Fries Bats’ Brains, Hundreds Found Dead

Gotta love these cute little shiny transformer beetles: Little Transformers: Lamprosoma, the living Christmas ornament

Changes in the jet stream may lead to more extreme weather events: Scientists Say A Fluctuating Jet Stream May Be Causing Extreme Weather Events

I love these crazy looking pelican spiders! Always so much more to discover in nature…also, I still want to go to Madagascar one day (so much!): Madagascar’s Ancient ‘Pelican Spiders’ Are As Striking As They Are Strange

Coywolves spotted in central New York…this is an interesting topic that I’ve been keeping an idle eye on for the past few years…canines interbreeding and coyotes filling the ecological niche of the wolves we lost on the east coast. Of course, a lot of people are reacting badly…it raises the question: can humans coexist with a stable ecosystem? Which would, of course, require an apex predator…: ‘Coywolf’ Sightings Grip a Rural New York Community

Sad to say the longleaf pine ecosystem is endangered…I spent a few weeks working in one as an undergrad, under the tutelage of Walter Tschinkel in Apalachicola State Forest. It’s a truly unique and beautiful ecosystem, with tall, lean pines and palmettos with their trunks growing underground and their palms popping aboveground at random, like fans. Photos Document the Last Remaining Old-Growth Pine Forests of the American South


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