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This is a really interesting article, but I resent the implication that ecologists don’t pay any attention to evolution. Of course we do! Like what is this crap in a Nature article: “Ecologists have generally ignored evolution when studying their systems; they thought it was impossible to test whether such a slow process could change ecosystems on observable timescales.” Patently false. Well, the rest of the article is readable. How warp-speed evolution is transforming ecology

Neato! Mars Rover Curiosity’s Panoramic Photo Depicts Its Epic Journey

I know the author to this NatGeo article! I feel famous by connection! How engaging local communities helps a wildlife veterinarian save elephants

This is really amazing infrared photography of Chernobyl: Photographer Visits Chernobyl With His Infrared Camera, Captures Stunning Images

Amazing early female scientist and artist Maria Merian: A Pioneering Woman of Science Re‑Emerges After 300 Years

Some amazing caterpillars photographed by Igor Siwanowicz…pretty cool stuff! Radically Unusual Caterpillars Captured by Photographer Igor Siwanowicz

Hmmm, this article is a little disappointing. Well, it seems like maybe woodpeckers do or do not have brain damage and this may or may not be good and may or may not relate to human brain damage haha! Still sharing, because hey the question is interesting: Woodpeckers show signs of possible brain damage, but that might not be a bad thing

I LOVED this absolutely fantastic article on traditional Irish names for Irish animals by Fionn Ó Marcaigh, PhD student at Trinity College Dublin. So much to enjoy about the cheeky* way some of the birds were named, and a lovely bit of natural history. Highly recommend: What’s in a name?

This is a beautifully written essay, which I fundamentally disagree with. It argues that beetles are “without any doubt, the most important organisms on the planet” and that everything else is “sampling error”. This reminds me of a long-lasting argument between myself and another entomologist friend. He claims that, by and large, Coleoptera is the most beautiful order, while I maintain that Hymenoptera is the most beautiful order. We never could agree. And EXCUSE ME, but a beetle is not the smallest free-living insect, the smallest free living insect is a Hymenopteran fairy fly (wasp) Dicopomorpha echmepterygi, which is only 186 μm. Un-believable. Clearly, coleopterists cannot be reasoned with (still worth reading): Why beetles are the most important organisms on the planet

I’m just going to leave a link to this gif, since wordpress won’t let me post gifs anymore (most people are probably pretty happy about that haha), but I think this is pretty amazing (ED: IT IS IMPORTANT TO WATCH THE WHOLE THING):

*Pun intended for the Pochard: “duck with large buttocks”


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