Against Winter, by Charles Simic

I was trying to decide if I like this poem or not. Every time I read it, I like it at first, then I think “It’s too dark” and then the resolution makes me like it again. Maybe something about it speaks to me and will speak to you too! How many times have people told me I’m crazier than the weather…

Against Winter

The truth is dark under your eyelids.

What are you going to do about it?

The birds are silent; there’s no one to ask.

All day long you’ll squint at the gray sky.

When the wind blows you’ll shiver like straw.

A meek little lamb you grew your wool

Till they came after you with huge shears.

Flies hovered over open mouth,

Then they, too, flew off like the leaves,

The bare branches reached after them in vain.

Winter coming. Like the last heroic soldier

Of a defeated army, you’ll stay at your post,

Head bared to the first snow flake.

Till a neighbor comes to yell at you,

You’re crazier than the weather, Charlie.

– Charles Simic


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