Links to share (updated)

UPDATE: I’m updating this to add this excellent article on forest bathing. Get thee to a forest! Suffering From Nature Deficit Disorder? Try Forest Bathing

Are there more Hymenopteran (bees, wasps, ants) species than beetle species? Yes, probably. Also Hymenoptera FTW! Move Over, Beetles: The New Champions of Diversity Are Parasitic Wasps

Shamefully, I didn’t do anything particularly special for St. Patrick’s Day this year…last year I was in the city centre (Dublin of course) and I ran into people doing drugs, girls staggering drunk and falling down, and a brawl in the street, so this year I took the opportunity to explore south of the city a bit more and I found a quiet (albeit windy) park on the Dodder I’d never seen before. I feel bad about not being more Irish though, so Nat Geo has this photo series of pictures from Ireland to make up for it! For St. Patrick’s Day, 17 Pictures That Transport You to Ireland

There’s a secret well hidden at Trinity, where St. Patrick baptized people? This place never ceases to amaze, hard to imagine all the history in these old European cities: Trinity’s Little Secret: Saint Patrick’s Well (Sráid Thobar Phádraig)

I had no idea that earwigs even had wings, so this is especially impressive to me. Also, I’ve always sort of hated earwigs, even though I have no real reason to. I should get over that…this is really neat! Earwigs take origami to extremes to fold their wings

A very interesting article from the Audubon society about the impact of climate change on North American birds in National Parks. A grim statistic (23% turnover by 2050), with our National Parks being vital refuges for many bird species. Plenty of neat, intuitive graphics here: The Future of Birds in Our National Parks

Some “photomicrography” with interesting images: The Photographers Capturing a World That’s Invisible to the Naked Eye

At a meeting I was at recently, someone brought up the “threat” of robotic bees replacing wild pollinators. There was a collective groan from the scientific audience, but this member of the group insisted they were a problem we should take seriously. If you’re worried about robo-bees taking over for real insect pollinators, read this summary of why it would never work (which isn’t to say some company *coughWalmartcough* might not invest a lot of money in a failing proposition): Robo bees are back, but will they last?

Science Friday is one of the podcasts I listen to regularly (for real, though, I listen to A LOT of podcasts), and they had this recent episode on solitary bees that was great: Beyond The Hive: The Wonderful World Of Native Bees


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