Jackdaw nesting

I think a lot of people feel like jackdaws are boring, probably because they are common, but I actually think they are adorable. I caught this one nesting.
She got this big stick but couldn’t fit it in the nest!
She looked at me like “Stop photographing this!”
Then she sat on top of the nest and thought about it for a minute.
“Hmmmm I have an idea”
Finally, she figured it out!
She was immediately followed by her partner.
Then I didn’t see anything for a while and I was about to walk away when I heard the jackdaw call again, so I turned around and looked a bit lower on the tree and saw this out of a much smaller tree hole.


4 thoughts on “Jackdaw nesting

  1. How cool is that. Does that mean the hole goes right down? I always think of jackdaws as chimney pot nesters, and not tree hole nesters. But i supposed they must have used holes in trees long before they used chimneys!

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