Plant of the week: Toothwort

Y’all know I love my weird plants…here’s another hemi-parasitic species in the same family as broomrape and squaw root(Orobanchaceae). I love showing people these parasitic plants because 1) they’re always so shocked that such a thing exists and 2) they’ve usually never noticed them before, even though they are actually common!

I found this population in a botanic garden and I showed the people who tend the garden and they’d never seen them before! The next time I went back, they’d been mown haha.

Here’s toothwort (Lathraea squamaria):
They seemed to be growing on the roots of this tree

In other parasite news, the Nomad bee I posted yesterday has been identified to Nomada flava!


4 thoughts on “Plant of the week: Toothwort

  1. Oh man, sucks that they got mown! I hope to see some one day because I really like their name. Someone posted good pics of some on Twitter recently under the #wildflowerhour hashtag

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