A beautiful chocolate mining bee

Chocolate mining bee
It took me a while (and some help on twitter) to figure out the species of this gorgeous bee that hung out with me for a while the other day, but I wanted to share some more photos of her because she just posed so nicely and is such a beautiful bee.
Chocolate mining bee
After she had absorbed some of my body heat for a while, I put her onto a flower. She hesitated for a moment, then dove in, drinking nectar and generally getting absolutely covered in pollen. This is the bee version of plastered, I think. I’m still totally in love with this bee!
Chocolate mining bee
From a distance she looks not unlike a honeybee
Chocolate mining bee
She loves this ramson flower
Chocolate mining bee
Chocolate mining bee
A pollinating pollinator
Chocolate mining bee
Chocolate mining bee
Tongue out!
Chocolate mining bee
Chocolate mining bee
Chocolate mining bee


13 thoughts on “A beautiful chocolate mining bee

  1. Oh wow. I hate insects but you make this bee look beautiful and that speaks tons about your photography skills. I never thought I would *actually* call an insect beautiful!

  2. She’s a beauty, even when coated in white pollen!

    Thanks to your blog, btw, I have discovered & recognized mining bees in my yard. I won’t be able to get lovely photos like yours (lacking the proper lens and enough patience), so I may not be able to identify the species–but now I know what’s making those holes in my perennial bed! And if I get time, I’ll watch closely and see whether anyone’s still hanging out in them. And thanks for the bug guide link! I usually go to Cornell’s site because it’s a little easier for those of us who aren’t actually entomologists… šŸ™‚

    • Yay! I’m so glad you have your own mining bees. šŸ™‚ They can be super tough to identify to species, so don’t worry about it. (Easier in Ireland where there are few species) You can also post photos to reddit’s whatsthisbug or on bugguide if you want guesses!

  3. Oh wow, what fantastic photos. I couldn’t possibly post my blurry shots after seeing these!! When i first saw the ones i saw from a distance i thought they were honey bees until i got closer and realised they were solitaries.

    • Yes there are a few species of the solitaries that are just about the same size as honeybees and they are tricky to tell apart from a distance! I don’t care if photos are blurry! Sometimes you can still identify the bees and it’s cool to see them anyway. Although there is a group of Andrena that are probably impossible to tease apart just from photos.

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